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) Heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne is Sunset Sherbet (or Sunset Sherbert), an indica-leaning hybrid with intoxicatingly potent effects. This hybrid strain is a cross between Purple Punch and Banana Kush and produces effects that lean towards its indica genetics. It is quite potent as it has THC level up to 18% leaving the user very satisfied and high. I wanted this strain Because of work of mouth saying it was a great strain to do also small in height. 2% This combination of effects is also beneficial for helping to regulate entrenched mood disorders including fatigue and Bipolar Disorder. Banana Punch (mostly indica hybrid) Banana punch cannabis strain is primarily an Indica strain that has a lot of medicinal benefits for various diseases. Banana Kush by the numbers: $15/gram only at Cannabis Station, 1201 20th St. This strain will knock you on your ass and keep you there for hours. In fact, people usually find it [ June 5, 2019 ] How the FDA's hearing with CBD executives might affect the sector How Cannabis Works [ June 5, 2019 ] George Carlin – Child Worship REACTION (Stop With The BullSh*t) – It's Bad for Ya How To Quit Cannabis New Strains Alert: Purple Panty Dropper Sour Banana Sherbet Panama Punch and More For the lovers out there looking for an herbal aphrodisiac, allow us to suggest the ridiculously named Purple Panty Dropper. This strain is quick hitting with immediate relaxation, which leads into couchlock and the munchies along with a mild cerebral high. Strawberry Banana Effects – Image powered by leafly.

God Bud. Banana OG is a cross between perennial favorite OG Kush and Banana Kush, which itself is the product of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. (This is the opposite of other HIMALAYA products, which are strain-specific and often single-origin, giving every batch unique flavors and effects. Its effects are preferred for managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness. Negative side effects can include: slight anxiety and slight dry_mouth. Find information about the Banana OG cannabis strain including reviews from other users, its most common effects, where to find it, and more. Strawnana provides a perfect balance of indica and sativa effects leaving you relaxed and focused. 10% CBD so you know it packs a punch. Chemdawg – 55% Indica, 45% Sativa. It’s also used as a painkiller to help treat minor body aches.

Capsules Our collection of THC and CBD capsules makes cannabis consumption convenient and cannabis experiences predictable. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness. More so, Mimosa is a cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, and has been known to contain respectable percentages of the terpeneslimonene and beta-caryophyllene. Banana Kush – This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that gives an applaudable high but is very sleep-inducing. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, and emits a distinctly pungent herbal, citrus aroma that speaks to its parentage. com. This is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with 70% sativa and 30% indica. Strawberry Banana Sherbet. And many reviewers say they’ve found that Banana Punch has helped them manage chronic pain or clarify their thinking after a stressful day.

In fact, the Strawberry Banana strain has a high that starts out with mild, almost tingly cerebral buzz that builds up to a strong euphoria and overall sense of contentment and well-being. G. Rich, soft, creamy, delectable, truly delicious, Banana, naturally gift wrapped by Mother Nature, in golden yellow hue, packs a punch of a whole lot of goodness. Banana kush comes from a cross of parents strain strewberry banana x Banana OG resulting in an Indica-dominant strain with effects that are deeply relaxing and will leave users in a sleepy euphoric. Banana Kush and Skywalker OG KushCheck out some of our recent marijuana reviews. Cherry Punch Cannabis Strain is a unique strain of Marijuana, packed with flavor, this strong hybrid bud is a fantastic smoking experience. Photo-periodic strain: Adverse effects: Wedding Cake marijuana, like other medicinal strains, has few side effects when used as recommended by a doctor, taking the proper dose at the proper frequency. According to Rick Simpson, the best strains for making Rick Simpson Oil or RSO are “very potent and Search medical marijuana strains by illness or desired effects: Anxiety Asthma Back Pain (also see pain) Body Buzz Calming / Relaxing Clear Head Couch Lock Home Strain Guide Nutrition Facts and Calories in Banana. Order Hybrid Strains Online Canada. The Tangie remains dominant in this cross.

In some situations, both of the aforementioned criteria fit the bill. Purple Punch is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG with the deliciously potent Grand Daddy Purps. This pairs wonderfully with gorgeous swirls of colour and an intense aroma. Thus leaving the user very satisfied and high. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. The effects are energizing but not racy The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. Now RQS can offer you the best of the bunch. Grapefruit Sativa Strain is a sativa/indica ratio of 70:30, this strain packs a decidedly cerebral punch, with a major mood boost and intense euphoria. CannaSOS marijuana strains information, rating and reviews is your go-to place for information on strain effects, flavors, medical conditions and medical symptoms The plant has an average growth height of 4-5 feet. It is quite potent as it has THC level of 15% - 18%.

GG4 Cartridge washes over users with a buzzing body-high and cerebral effects. 47% Very limited inventory Double Tangie Banana. White OG Strain: OG Kush X White Widow I picked up this batch of the White OG strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. It originates from: United States. Banana Punch effect is tranquil, soothing, and relaxing. Warning: These products contain cannabis, a Schedule I controlled substance. We do not distribute or produce cannabis or related products. Purple Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. This is a resinous strain with sticky trichome layers which produce THC and other cannabinoids. Known for its energizing euphoric effects, this strain is what you want to start the day with if you want to get a lot done.

Wedding Crasher is a cross of Wedding Cake & Purple Punch. Infiniti Crown Cherry Punch is a brand out of Watsonville California producing stellar Cannabis Nugs like you see This strain is amazing. The looks and smell are incredible, really, the only thing holding this strain back from being one of my all-time favorites is the somewhat weak flavor. The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. 5% THC and all sorts of balanced indica and sativa effects. The strain has a 'mellow earthy kushy food-like' aroma with notes of gas, spice, & blue sports-drink. Genetics and Potency Shop Banana Republic for versatile, contemporary classics, designed for today with style that endures. But don’t use Afghan Kush if you’ve got anything on your calendar. × Whether its name is passed down from its genetic parents or simply coaxed from the imagination after feeling the strain’s effects. An indica-dominant hybrid strain born from parents Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush.

Outdoors Holy Punch will finish around mid October in the northern hemisphere and can produce up to 1000gr per plant. TASTE. Medium-size, dense plant As they hadn’t intended to do so, the resulting strain was initially tossed into the trash, though lucky for all of us they hung onto some of the seeds. We were surprised to realize that there was hardly any OG smell at all to the Banana OG. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. Here you can find all info about the unknown / legendary cannabis variety Banana Punch. Find Purple Punch Bananas, also known as “Banana OG,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious Banana X OG Kush strains. An incredibly sweet and potent strain, Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant plant with a strongly cerebral and social effects package. Its large yield of tangy buds makes it an excellent fusion of production and connoisseur-grade final product. The effects immediately hit the consumer between the eyes, leaving bright, sizzling euphoria in the mind.

Flowering Outdoor Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere). Consumers not only love the taste of this flavorful strain, but Strawberry also provides ample relaxing body effects and energetic, mental focus without the paranoia-inducing effects typically associated with other sativa-leaning strains. She was bread combining Hindu Sun, a 50 year of Hawaiian strain from the Big Island, and an old original Afghani Pink OG. It’s been described by some as tranquilizing. A citrus-centric strain with star-studded parental lineage, Slymer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that instills long-lasting cerebral effects. If you’re a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to Cannabis strains, if Indica too strong and sedating and Sativa just doesn’t have enough kick, then you probably want to look into ordering Hybrid Strains online in Canada. Either way the A-Z weed list gives access to over 300 strains and counting. The AK-47 and Purple Punch cross now known as Cherry Punch packs a vibrant and unique high. When we’d run Banana Kush at my old dispensary, the name had more to do with genetic instability than a Black Jack is a marijuana strain that produces hard buds with huge, grape-like calyxes that are completely encrusted with THC. However, the CBD content of this strain is low, being around 2%.

Purple Punch is a little too mild to use for chornic pain. Banana punch cannabis strain is primarily an Indica strain that has a lot of medicinal benefits for various diseases. With equally energizing and creative cerebral effects, this warm, sun-grown sativa-dominant strain is renowned to address stress and revitalize mind and body, welcoming just a bit more peace, calm and playfulness to the day. It also provides incredible relaxation effects that allow your mind to slow down, so it’s a good choice for late in the day. Lemon Banana Sherbet is a new indica/sativa hybrid from the Crockett Family Farms collection. You can find the full list of the products specific to the strain as well as search by brand, product type and strain type. This strain is named for its fast-acting invigorating effects, assaulting you after your first hit with intense euphoria and creativity, melting the stress, tension, and pain as your mind wanders. The flowering time of Holy Punch is 8-9 weeks, it can be harvested commercially after 8 weeks but one more week will allow the plant do develop the full flavor and increase resin production. The Scoop: Originally bred by TGA Genetics, Slymer is a clone-only phenotype of TGA’s Chernobyl strain. Now, some of you have asked “Is purple punch a sativa?” In short, no.

Watermelon is an 80% indica plant, which already tells you a lot. Effects: Relaxing/couch lock effects Testing: TAC 28. They tend to be more resilient than photoperiod strains which require very precise lighting conditions. This hybrid strain has a citrusy flavor burst with a hint of vanilla. Bred by crossing Strawberry Banana and Banana Sherbet this strain packs a fruity flavored punch that will have any lover of the natural sweetness drooling over – not to mention the high THC content and long-lasting effects. It is quite potent as it has THC level of 15% – 18%. In the case of Forest Fire, the strain draws its name both from its ancestry and from its uncanny ability to set your brain ablaze. The long-lasting high starts in the head and creeps into the body. Fruit Punch is a fast-flowering, mostly sativa, strain that delivers prodigious yields while also giving a deliciously sweet smoke. The look of Banana Punch often sells it.

Its body buzz begins from your head and gradually takes over your entire system. Fat Banana is big on flavour and packing a serious amount of cannabinoids. The paper is either hand-made or by industrial process. The Banana Kush was very nice. Smokin’ it now . We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to try some great nugs from Patient Provider Delivery: Banana Kush and Skywalker OG Kush. As its name suggests, it has a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor that combines the taste of tart berries, fresh cream, and ripe bananas. Strawberry, Banana, Sweet. Growing difficulty: Growing Strawberry Banana cannabis plants is easy if you have access to or can produce a sunny, humid, Mediterranean climate. God Bud is favored by both recreational and medicinal users for many Banana Diesel Review.

For the longest time I’d always heard of purple punch however I figured it was just another gdp knock off. The nugs are completely […] This strain has high amounts of THC, testing above 20%. This is one strain that rings true to its name, from its grape purple look to the punch of its effects. A classic hybrid from Hawaii, Hawaiian Punch is an energizing and uplifting strain with a mysterious genetic past that has been lost in history. Learn more about Florida marijuana strains available thru the FL cannabis dispensary brands by clicking on each strain. Ultra Banana synthesizes the best of MK Ultra’s heady, psychedelic effects and effortlessly blends them with Banana Kush’s fruity relaxation. Kush weed strains date back to the 1970’s when the legendary land race strain was discovered in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North Western India. The potential here is Story: She was bred with a legendary Kauai strain called Powerline, a strain grown by the local hunters in the mountains and valleys mostly on Powerline Road. It is a cross of Skunk , Haze and Northern Lights . Our mission at CVR is to provide the best service to our patients, along with high quality medication in a safe compassionate environment.

The Larry OG in it really powers up the GDP which on its own is an already LEGENDADDY err ry strain. The first of which being to ensure that you pick up the very best seeds in the first place and select an appropriate strain. Adverse effects: Strawberry Banana, due to the strong THC levels can cause dry eye, dry mouth, and rarely panic at high doses. After a large meal, this indica can help with digestion and prevent nausea. That’s a wonderful combination of effects. The first thing to hit me is a wave of creativity, perking me up with enjoyable uplifting effects. It’s mild but powerful effects won’t have you bouncing off the walls or held captive by your couch, but it will take you to places you’ve never been before. The smell and taste are the same, and described as mango and banana. I also got a nice feeling in my body leading from my chest and spreading out which kicked in after about 10 minutes and 2 bongs, relaxing me greatly. Through thoughtful design, we create clothing and accessories with detailed craftsmanship in luxurious materials.

Strain Overview. The best fruit cocktail you are ever likely to try, Strawberry Banana Grape is a sativa-dominant strain that packs a punch in both flavour and effect. In fact, I might liken the effects to the Green Crack strain, but with slightly more sedation in the body. Reply Strain Review: Banana Punch by The Village | Here 4 The Flavor December 12, 2017 at 2:41 am […] Punch takes after its father, Purple Punch, with bag appeal that turns heads (and makes for killer Instagram photos). Banana Punch is a fruity Indica dominant hybrid strain with Powerful effects. Medicinally effective in pain therapy. The history of this strain begins with Crockett Family Farms Banana Kush crossed with Serious Seeds Strawberry Bubble Gum; meaning this indica packs a sweet, fruity flavour, especially when enjoyed in a vaporizer. My local dispensary that vends near me has a small shipment and could never get this strain. CBD levels, meanwhile, are very low, ruling this out as an effective treatment for epilepsy. in Denver.

Punch Sounds. Named after its taste and smell, this strain immediately makes users think “tropical”. Perfect for washing away afternoon lethargy or the day’s stressful events This sativa-dominant strain is extremely powerful and produces a clean and cerebral high. Classification, lineage and description are available for each strain. Because of its high THC levels, Black Jack is popular among medical marijuana patients. This equally sweet and tangy strain is ideal for treating anxiety and PTSD. This indica leaning hybrid from Paradise Seeds provides happy and uplifting effects with an intensely fruity flavor. It is a remake of sorts of a very popular strain from the mid 1990s called Tangerine Dream. , 25, one of the co-founders of Utopia, says the farm’s flagship strain was no exception. This potent hybrid tests around 25% THC and is an extremely potent medication that may be too strong for those who have a low THC tolerance.

Many customers turn to Purple Punch marijuana seeds for their medical effects. Brass Knuckles’ GG4 Strains, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. This is a very potent strain that based on the crossing between Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet. We are proud to represent conscientious growers who cultivate organically and the most reputable brands in the industry to bring you the best medicines available. Originated in the United States, Banana punch cannabis strain is primarily an Indica strain that has a lot of medicinal benefits for various diseases. The buds have thick shiny trichomes which are evident when the bud is broken apart. Strain-specific, 100% natural indoor flower means all the signature characteristics of an ISLAND Classic. Started my morning with 50 mg Ingested 100mg Vaped 0 sign of Anxiety in Sight! This Banana Kush concentrate comes with amazing flavor and fragrance, followed by a total mind + body Banana clip is a BC bred bud from the Gulf Islands. NO SALES THROUGH THIS SITE. Most notably, its CBG content Broken down in alphabetical order the A-Z weed strain list will help you look up specific strains quickly or let you select reviews that sound interesting.

Banana OG is an indica-leaning hybrid with an unusual aroma: when properly cured, flowers of this strain have the subtle scent and flavor of banana. Good Earth’s Strawberry Banana strain is an indica dominant hybrid with 25. Blackberry Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. Just a few simple puffs of this delicious strain and consumers will feel the weight of the world lifted from their shoulders as stress, depression, pain, and insomnia are vanquished after a few deep breaths. Known for its Purple Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. Flowering Indoor 9 weeks with a yield of 900 gr/m 2. Find this product near you on Weedmaps. BANANA SPLIT HYBRID/SATIVA: BANANA SHERBET x TANGIE Truly unique is the aromas and taste of Banana Split - delicious and sweet, with banana/tangerine dessert-like qualities. Trulieve sells their banana kush in a 850mg syringe. As the name suggests, they will move into the flowering stage by themselves.

’ and it barely moved from the dispensary shelves,” he said. Tangie OG Cannabis Oil Strain Review. 49% THC. May cause Buy weed online Australia, WEED FOR SALE AUSTRALIA , where to buy weed online in Brisbane, Buy weed online Queensland, Buy thc vapes online perth This sweet strain provides full-body relief and packs a potent punch. Effects: Relaxation, Restfulness, Strong Body High. This bud has lip puckering sour berry grape flavor. Sunset Sherbet inherits the genetic lineage of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, whose ancestors include the famed OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. Their bright green flowers do take off fast, giving many consumers that telltale pressure behind the eyes that's usually an indicator of a strong sativa buzz to come. Hybrids . Each of its parents are known to pack a punch, and this particular batch of White OG certainly followed suit.

This strain really does taste and smell just like old bananas. Strawberry Banana is a cross between Bubble Gum and Banana Kush and produces fruity and enjoyable taste. It has AAA grade Banana Punch is an Exclusive Indica dominant hybrid stain has a unqiue tropical terpene profile with notes of banana & pineapple. Rather, several of them are OG classics that, well, have simply “evolved” with the times to contain more and more THC over the decades. Strain Type. Patients dealing with challenges such as chronic pain, body aches, nausea, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss often find Mint Punch to be an excellent strain to fit their needs. Banana Punch is one of the first strains with a Purple Punch parent that I’ve come across, and if this is any indication then we’re going to see some amazing crosses with this strain. The taste is heavy and flavorful and the strain produces exceptionally long-lasting effects. Banana paper is made from two different parts: the bark of the banana plant, mainly used for artistic purposes, or from the fibers of the stem and non-usable fruits. THC levels have been charted at 20%, so this is a pretty powerful strain.

Search by popularity, time of use, common uses, effects and of course: indica, sativa and hybrid. Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy. This Sativa dominant contains 19% THC and 0. Embraced by medical patients, it has a very ripe banana smell and a hashy taste. The Ghost Train Haze appeared in our very first “Strongest Strains on Earth” feature, taking the prize for the most potent strain of 2011 at 25. Flowering time is 9-11 weeks, and this is a favorite with both indoor and outdoor growers. Enjoy a stoney Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains. In 2014, she was our THC champion again * 10 is the highest * 1 is the lowest. With these strain specific terpene blends you can add some punch to flavorless extracts, jazz up your favorite juice, or even enjoy in your home essential oil mister. And when these seeds were planted at a later date, the result was the iconic Gorilla Glue strain that’s been setting new standards across much of the world ever since.

Further more, like the beverage, there is no bad time to enjoy Welcome to BudTrader. good for muscle pain, Good For Relaxing, good for sleep apnea, grape punch in the mouth, grape undertones, kush, moderate to high potency, overwhelming danky meat smell, piney taste, Top Shelf I loved the Banan kush so much from @CuraleafFL I decided to try the same strain from another dispensary. Nugs are very frosty and have rock-hard density. William's Wonder, also known as Willy's Wonder, is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that packs a powerful punch. Growth and Seed Info all 70-80% average THC level points to a strong effect and when Banana OG hits you, it packs a serious punch. Further, it tends to give me a great deal of energy. With a nose true to its name, don’t let the sweet aroma have you underestimate the strong indica body high this dichotomy of a strain induces. The flowering period takes only 9 weeks and the harvest brings heavy yields of fregrant buds. Starting in¬-between the eyes, the high then settles into the arms and legs, then settles into the rest of the body while you settle into the couch. Created by Crockett Family Farms, Strawberry Banana Sherbet – also known just as Sherbet” is an 70/30 indica dominant hybrid strain.

It can taste fruity, spicy and sour to most people. With a flavor that is remarkably like its name an relaxing body heavy effects, Bananas is one bud that you can binge on any time of the day when you don’t have much going on at all. Banana fiber is used in the production of banana paper. 30 minutes after medicating with this strain, I found myself to be much more creative and stress free. Strawberry Banana Sherbet strain is a 70/30 indica-dominant blend, crafted through a combination of Banana Sherbet and Strawberry Banana. The strain has a mild yield that produces big, green leaves with light yellowish hue. Strawberry Banana inherits a sweet fruity flavor that earned this indica her name. Simultaneous mind and body buzz create a cerebral euphoria effect that causes the urge to sit down and fully relax. This strain is ideal for chronic pain, stress and insomnia. Strawberry Banana Flavored Also, this strain has garnered praise for its outstanding fruit punch, citrus rind aroma and pleasurable mid-level buzz.

An uplifting, creative high makes this the ideal choice for social occasions and it isn't too heavy for day-time usage when you've got things to do. com’s Strain List! This list will be updated continuously, so please check back from time to time for new strains! This list is organized alphanumerically. Kaiya D. This is true when it comes to growing in an urban environment. The potent body stone makes it ideal for evening use when you just want to kick off your shoes and be a couch potato. The smoke can be a bit overpowering but it will soon clear out as the euphoria kicks in. Strawberry Banana THC Content: 20-26%. Sour Banana Sherbet #2 is a balanced hybrid cross of Banana Sherbet and AJ’s Sour Diesel. Kush phenotype, clone-only strain. Grab a bud (or buddies), pinch off a stinky snapper, and indulge in the fantastic foliage of your favorite strain alongside fall’s changing colors.

It is a heritage with a lot of power behind it, creating a foundation for Fat Banana’s greatness. So what is Banana Diesel? Although it initially sounds like the grossest food topping ever (like a banana dipped in diesel fuel or diesel engine sludge), it’s actually a hybrid cannabis strain that balanced together two polar opposite plants: Super Sour Diesel and Banana Kush. 4%, MAX THC 23. Welcome to the original Marijuana Strain Library, where you will find detailed information on cannabis strains, including strain origins and genetics, strain-specific grow tips, smoke reports and descriptions of the effects, and more. Short in stature but with an impressive yield of immense quality, Strawberry Banana Grape is easy to cultivate for beginners as well as more advanced growers. Not to be outdone by it’s parents, this strain packs a punch with a high THC content that might be too much to handle for novice smokers. AGE (21+) RESTRICTED PRODUCTS. If truth be told, it’s kind of a gross flavor. They're designed to deliver consistent effects and a mildly pleasant taste, with minimal variation from batch to batch. The power of this potent strain lies in its ability to ease your pain, quiet you down, and lift your spirits all at the same time.

Its a great strain for pain management and appetite stimulation. . Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. To achieve this, we blend material from many different strains and farms. 5 Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2019 Realistically speaking, the following strains are not necessarily “new” strains for 2019. . Fat Banana is a prime Kush strain with a genetic background tracing back to OG Kush x Chiquita Banana. This is a great alternative to a lot of the Tangie strains currently out there as it is the most well-balanced. Strain Highlights (BANANA HAZE X AK-47) Super Pungent, Hazy Sativa, great for the sativa/ This strain will be great for the blue dream lovers that follow us! ABOUT THE STRAIN Banana Haze is a highly potent medicinal marijuana strain that is revered for both its THC and CBD content. Relaxing, Euphoric, Sleepy.

an unknown / legendary cannabis strain. The exhale tastes of banana rind with hints skunky GDP from its Purple Punch ancestry. The products tested may no longer exist. Banana Punch Cannabis Strain – Indica. Fire Banana Cookies is a cross from Relentless Genetics that unites OrgnKid’s legendary Banana OG cut with Relentless Genetics Fire Cookies strain. “We originally went to market calling the strain ‘Banana O. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. A well cultivated and cured batch will have a thick coating of crystal trichomes and the colors beneath can be an array of deep purples and blues alongside dark green. Effects. Ditch the ABC's and bring your product lines to the next level with our premium terpene blends.

Made up of beautifully cured, Light green/purple buds, this flower is very pretty. Medical Effects: Pain, Insomnia, Depression. Effects The Mango Kush strain effects are quite The look of Banana Punch often sells it. This batch of Banana Punch smokes smooth and clean, leaving my mouth coated with soft flavors that remind me of strawberry shortcake. THC: 25% This is the premiere release of cured flowers for this new strain created by the team at Symbiotic Genetics. Good for ScrOG. It’s a little like growing oranges and attempting to turn them blue by modifying the growing Fat Banana is the product of a super selective strain development process that aimed to hybridise the biggest, fattest Banana OG specimens. The Super Silver Haze strain of marijuana is a High Times favorite and for good reason. Kong is an indica-dominant strain that’s a mix of Motavation and White Russian. “Then we named it Chiquita Banana and the stuff started flying out the doors.

Gorilla Punch cannabis strain by Unknown Breeder - Fruit Punch x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies: reports, photos, and genetics. It had all the good properties of a well grown indica with none of the negative effects. That being said, some users may actually find themselves feeling sleepy or locked on the couch for the next few hours. Banana OG is a cross between the Ghost OG cut and a mystery Sagarmatha seed that produces perfect golf ball size resin coated buds that give off an aroma and flavor of tropical bananas. Sour Diesel remains a fan-favorite flower with its earthy green color sprinkled with dark orange hairs. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics. In addition to that, it makes you highly euphoric as well. If you are searching for information about the unknown / legendary Banana Punch, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Banana Fruit Punch buds have succulent lumpy little bright green nugs that are dotted with bright oranges, reds, and blues for an effect almost like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles! Fruit Punch is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Skunk X Haze X Northern Lights strains. Banana OG Indica: The pungent smell and flavor of overripe bananas gives this indica dominant hybrid its name. Marijuana Strains & Cannabis Genetics.

Golden Lemon by DNA Genetics is citrusy strain with a potent punch. The Grape Ape marijuana strain gets its name from its ever-pleasant aroma of grapes. As the Indica effects of the strain slowly kick in, users will feel a sense of deep relaxation manifested by a full body relief that can have a slightly sedating effect. Fat Banana: The Big Fat Fruity Kush Strain. Medical Uses: A great strain for the overworked and despondent, Dosidos cleanses the soul and replenishes the mind. The popular ChemDawg strain with a twist… this Banana Chemdawg tastes & smells like Banana Bread, Yummy! It is a hybrid so it can be used beneficially throughout the day without serious body effects or extreme sleepiness. 46% THCa and 0. BANANA PUNCH – (Purple Punch X Banana OG) Banana Punch is the mouthwatering cross between Purple Punch and Banana OG. 12) White Widow With a sativa/indica ratio of 70:30, this strain packs a decidedly cerebral punch, with a major mood boost and intense euphoria. There are also hints of Black Jack is a marijuana strain that produces hard buds with huge, grape-like calyxes that are completely encrusted with THC.

Arriving as dense, caked, medium nugs with some protective trim, this exquisite indica fills the room with its intoxicating aroma of Rick Simpson Oil is cannabis oil made with techniques that are easy to replicate at home. Buy Sour Banana Marijuana Strain 70% Sativa / 30% Indica THC: 18% - 24% . I would have to say one of my best runs with this set up that i have available. Product name and strain are provided by Client. The scent is predominantly piney with a lemon punch. A great long lasting strain: I’m . banana Punch exotic cart is a delicious dessert strain that is best suite for after dinner. For longer-lasting effects and precise effects, our collection of THC and CBD-infused cannabis oils has you covered. Facts. With thousands of cannabis strains available, Wikileaf makes it easy to find the perfect strain for you.

Most banana strains are sativa doninant but the banana clips is indica dominant. Banana OG is the indica-dominant child of Banana and OG Kush. This strain traces its roots back to the likes of Tahoe Alien, Green Ribbon, and Granddaddy Purple. The White OG strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that stems from popular genetics. 76% CBDa. The Fruity Pebbles strain is an excellent choice for the beginner and expert alike. What Is the Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain? Classified as an indica with some elements of a sativa profile, this marijuana ranks in at a 70% indica and 30% sativa ratio, offering the best of both worlds to its consumers. In higher doses, anxiety and panic attacks may sometimes but rarely occur. Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant Cannabis strain, whose flavor is familiar. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Tangie OG is a cross of parent strains OG Kush and Tangie. This is a great strain for ADHD patients as it helps them to focus on tasks from certain types of work including reading or even in-depth conversations. Grown By Theory Wellness $18 GRAM // $50 EIGHTH TC: 17. It may sometimes cause dry mouth or dry, red eyes, especially if smoked. It can taste fruity, spicy and sour to the most people. Sour Banana Punch cannabis strain by Unknown Breeder - Unknown Genetics: reports, photos, and genetics. Banana Hammock is an Indica dominant hybrid created by Ethos genetics. This medicinal marijuana strain has cerebral effects on your system that creates a long lasting cerebral high. The aroma is just as tangy, although it has a slightly rich pungency to it that helps to mellow the zest out. Coming from the Exotikz line of strains, Sundae Driver was popularized by its sister company Jungle Boys, alongside flavors like Strawberry Shortcake and Purple Punch.

The effects of the Tangie are best described as clear-headed and uplifting. This can be seen in the potency of Fat Banana’s bud, which can reach up to 25%+ THC when grown with an expert hand. A genetic cross between two fruity strains, Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of the Bubble Gum strain. 5%, Total Terpenes 1. This powerhouse hybrid is rich in THC and packs a punch. The Sour Banana Sherbet packs a punch – a hybrid punch, to be precise. Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Punch free from SoundBible. It is widely sought after as a thorough relaxant, deeply taking effect in both the mind and the body, leaving no trace of stress and worry in your mood, making it perfect as a nightcap after a long and taxing day at a desk especially. Feeling. Banana Split cannabis strain by Crockett Family Farms is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC average of 22%.

This strain's cannabinoid profile is incredibly robust. The simple fact of the matter being that if you don’t pick up a quality purple strain, you won be producing any purple hues. Banana OG has a reputation as a “creeper,” leaving those who surprised by it’s strength as the high sets in. Early marijuana pioneers and hippies brought Hindu Kush seeds back home to the US and Europe where they began growing large volumes of Kush weed. Production can reach 900 gr/plant. It’s a strong Indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs about 18-21% THC. Sedation potential is moderate. Strawberry Banana – 65% Indica, 35% Sativa. There are many advantages to autoflowering strains. Effects Stoned, heavy, couch-locking, with a narcotic side to it.

June 9, 2018 admin Marijuana Side Effects 23 Banana Punch Medical Marijuana Review: Grown by LokiGrow For information on genetics: uptowngrowlab@gmail. When you smoke this strain Percentage data represents weight percentage of sample; bar graph data represents amount of cannabinoid in sample compared to strain standard. Animal Cookies Animal Cookies cannabis strain is an excellent cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG that will leave you wanting more. This means that it can take even advanced smokers by surprise, so be sure to not over-indulge if you’re a beginner. And that is how you get to the magical Banana Punch strain. 35 Awesome Benefits of Banana. Sweet Tangerine fruit accompanied by a lingering banana taffy aroma make up this powerful profile. traits: bright buds, couck lock effects, covered in trichomes, creamy, dark hairs, drak green leaves, Good For Insomnia, good for mild pain. com Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates! All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats. This tasty-named strain is an evenly balanced hybrid produced by the seedbank Reserva Privada.

Cherry Punch is a popular marijuana strain thanks to its reputation as a great hybrid that provides mild to moderate effects that are appropriate for daytime consumption. This fruit smoothie packs a terpene punch, with a tropical, sweet smell and flavour to match. Many patients report a balance of calm and energy with no paranoia or sleepy effects. $50 EIGHTH BANANA SPLIT HYBRID/SATIVA: BANANA SHERBET x TANGIE Truly unique is the aromas and taste of Banana Split - delicious and sweet, with banana/tangerine dessert-like qualities. Mint Punch is similarly powerful, providing extremely effective symptom relief to a versatile range of conditions. Double Tangie Banana is a cross of Tangie and Tangie x Banana OG. com Visit the website … Previous The specially-selected offspring of Banana OG x Purple Punch, this Banana Punch grown by Gastown Fire is by far the most unique-smelling flower we’ve enjoyed to date and is a true connoisseur’s delight. The effects are energizing but not racy, good for focus, motivation, and for those suffering from depression. With a one-two punch to the head of euphoric lifted effects and a super high 18-20% average THC level, you’ll feel the knockout Sour Banana Punch is an indica strain . Banana OG is an Indica-dominant cross of OG Kush x Banana, that recently lab-tested at 25.

banana punch strain effects

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